Corporate Governance



  1. BackgroundIn order to increase the confidence of stakeholders to the company would be needed terms of corporate governance needs to be arranged the strategic planning for the implementation of Corporate Governance ( GCG ) sustainable . The implementation of GCG expected to support the achievement of a Goal Corporate. The strategic planning for the implementation of CGG sustainably will later called as road-map corporate governance for the period 2015-2019.Road-map CGG is a guide in building policy Corporate Governance in which includes the various stages in the GCG in PT.Putra Indotenaga , kriterian to be reached at every stage and activity of the stage.
  2. The main objective of road-map CGG PT Putra Indotenaga is as follows :
    1. As a guideline company in run the strategy GCG in the long run.
    2. Giving an overview of outline the company strategy gcg described in the form of the objective , activity or work programs , indicator and expected outcomes.
    3. Give clear guidelines on the planned implementation of an integrated GCG.
  3. The Scope preparation of Road Map GCG PT.Putra Indotenaga.
    1. Composing guidelines for gcg company policy as the basis for the implementation of GCG order to reach the conformity to vision and mission company.
    2. Designing milestone program to the various stages in the implementation GCG.
    3. Designing a map the development of the CGG which includes: purpose , activity , indicator and the result of every stage CGG implementation.
  4. Stage Road-Map GCG PT.Putra Indotenaga in order the implementation of CGG in PT.Putra Indotenaga so implement through steps as follows:
    1. The first stage is the phase to company to become a the compliance level of the best (Good Compliance Governance).
    2. The second stage is the phase to be well-managed companies ( Good Governanced Corporation).
    3. The third stage is to company to become a governance which sustainable way ( Good Sustainability Governance).